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Here are some articles, texts, photographs, and videos I liked the past week.

Art & Entertart

Cool interview with even cooler Samuel Aranda, the 2011 World Press Photo winner. Even prouder because it’s the only interview Aranda gave to a Romanian magazine (and it’s the magazine I’m writing for, so…)

Don’t miss the “Gun To Your Head” photo essay published by TIMELightBox. Take your time seeing each photo as a journey into the deep: you’ll see the subjects almost trying to act normality in front of the sum of fears.

Ethiopia through Spanish eyes. The eyes of Juan Manuel Castro Prieto, photographer. You can see his prints at Galerie VU, Paris. Impressive technique, great captures.

“Don Is Back”. Yes, the new Mad Men series, the 5th, is out, The Telegraph revealed. The sad news: the show will end after seven series.


Waiting to read A Small Circus by Hans Fallada, who strikes again the English readership after Alone in Berlin. It’s a thriller set in Germany, in the small town of Neumuenster, during Nazi regime.

NY Times reports that in UK four (4) Gypsy memoirs are on the top seller list. Now “Gypsy Boy” is hitting the shelves, written by Mikey Walsh, son of a “pureblood, a great man”. Looking forward reading the memoirs of what seems to be a brutal, funny, somehow different book.


NewScientist predicts social media time will pass: the question is when. Facebook time is now, other social networks will come, yet their time has not come yet.

Try figure out a single-atom transistor. Researchers in three universities have built it: it’s the smallest transistor ever built, a single phosphorus atom. Even more, this the beginning of quantum computing. Read more on Kurzweil.



Two friends. One race. Two laps. No prisoners. Val and Pete have been swimming together every morning for the past seventeen years. Once a year they have a race, two laps up and back.

Writer & Director – Owen Trevor

Producer – Lucas Jenner

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